What is Read.Be.Read?

We are an Anglo-French student publishing platform. With our help, budding academics from both undergraduate and graduate levels share their course work, which is otherwise forgotten about, left in a drawer or absorbed by a computer’s black hole.

Read.Be.Read seeks to reflect a student’s academic excellence, by selecting rigorous analysis and innovative works on international relations, public policy, economics, development, art and other social sciences. It is thus a useful and reliable tool for students, who can freely access a large database of excellent essays, which have received academic recognition from the teaching community.

Read.Be.Read allows one’s education to be more engaging, stimulating and rewarding through public exposure to other knowledge seekers. Beyond personal value, publishing with Read.Be.Read adds to a student’s academic profile, potentially helping with applications as well as further professional publishing.

Read.Be.Read makes publishing more open access orientated, allowing students from all over the world to share and challenge their writings, understandings and resources. Willing to encourage exchange of knowledge at the international level, we have already published essays from a large panel of universities (Columbia, Oxford, LSE, UCL, Durham University, College of Europe, IHESS, ENM, Panthéon-Sorbonne University…) Our goal is to act in favor of the democratization of knowledge, by encouraging young minds to share their thoughts, insights, revolutionary or less revolutionary ideas and resources.

How to publish? 

You send us your accomplished essay to:

Your work should answer the following conditions:

  • The topic must be related to social sciences.
  • The work must have received an accomplished grade (i.e: a distinction/first in the UK or a 14/20 in France)
  • The paper should be less than 7,000 words.

The Read.Be.Read review panel, comprised of past LSE students, evaluates your work and approves its publication.

About copyright ©

The author remains the copyright holder of his published work. Therefore:

  • The author has the right to ask for his published essay to be deleted.
  • Read.Be.Read is not liable in case of plagiarism or copyright infringement, which is the responsibility of the author.

We are the authors and owners of the pictures on the platform.